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Lead Time Information

Next Day Shipment

Available for orders placed before 5.00 pm Eastern Time, whose cost is less than $500. This service is limited to SLA models only. You can request your preferred choice of material, but the material selection is the SLA technician’s choice. Consult your project manager for details on this service. Your order placed today will ship tomorrow! Size restrictions also apply to this service. Please contact your project manager to see if your project applies for this service.

Standard Delivery

This service will give you leadtime of 3-5 days for average orders. Lead times can be faster for smaller orders but are not guaranteed. For any question regarding lead time please consult with your project manager.

Economy Shipment

This service is designed for our customers who do not have an urgent need for there parts. In exchange for the longer lead times a discount will be provided. You can request your preferred choice of material, but the material selection is the SLA technician’s choice. For details and pricing for this service please consult your project manager.

Lead Time by Process

On the Right is chart of estimated build times for average sized orders with no additional finishing. Because of the nature of many of these processes the chart should only be used as an estimated time of delivery. Your project manager will inform you on the lead-time of your individual projects at the time of order. If you request a lead-time earlier we will be able to give you a date range according to average shop volume.

What Effect Lead Time

On the right is a chart contains common factors that affect build times and post processing times of different RP and RM processes.


Saturday Shipment of Delivery

Occasional orders that are placed on a Friday can be eligible for Saturday Shipment or Delivery. For more information on this service please ask your Project manager. This service needs to be evaluated on a per project basis. Please note that Courier fees can be up to 50% higher on project shipped on Saturdays. This price will not be reflect in the quote you receive from the quote engine.

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