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Email Quoting Explained

What You Need to get Started

Before you can receive quotes via email you first need to have a Stereolithography.com account. This account is free to set up and use. You will never be charged a unless you place a order. If you don't have a Stereolithography.com account you can Click Here and set one up in at little as 30 seconds!

How it works?

Remember: In order to receive a quote via email you must have a Stereolithography.com account and you must email the file from the email account that you used when you registered with Stereolithography.com

Step 1 - Compress & Attach the STL Files.

Zip your parts files together and attach them to the email. For fastest turnaround on the quote please send STL files. We can accept some other files such as IGS and STP but we will need to convert these files to STL before we can quote. We recommend that you do not send Native Cad Files we may not always have the right version of software ware and we will have to request STL files in order to proceed with the quote. For more information on Converting STL Files Click Here

Step 2 - Select you Material & Process

Select the materials and process you would like your parts to be quoted in. If there are multiple materials or processes that you would like to be quoted on please include this information next to the file names in the email. If you would to see a list of material and services we offer please Click Here.

Step 3 - Questions

If you have any question about any any Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Services processes or Material please include them in the email. One of our Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Services Specialist will be able to assist you with any request you may have.

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