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SLA Finish Levels

*Finishes can be allpied to rigid 3D Prinitng Prototypes, please consult your project manager with questions.

NOTE: When competitively quoting SLA different service bureaus quote different finish levels! You can't be sure of what you are getting unless you ask.

- Strip & Ship
- Engineering review
- Primed
- Painted
- Metal Plating, Clear, Presentation.

Class 1A - Strip & Ship

Part is cleaned and all supports are removed. The part is not sanded.

  1. Remove supports

Class 2A - Engineering Review

Finish that is applied to models that are for engineering or product review. The part is lightly sanded and Bead Blasting is used to create a uniform finish.

  1. Remove supports
  2. Light Sand with 120 grit
  3. Bead blast

CLASS 3A - Standard

Finish is applied to models that need to look like a production parts. The models are cleaned and all supports removed. They are then sanding to remove 90% of all build lines. The surface is then bead blasted to create a uniform finish.

  1. Remove supports
  2. Sand with 220 to 320 to remove build lines
  3. Bead blast

Class 4A - Primed

A primer finish will require that all the build lines on a part be sanded off. The part complexity and geometry will dictate the cost of this step. Typically only the outer facing surfaces will be finished to this level unless otherwise specified. The procedure for Primed finish is as follows:

  1. Remove supports
  2. Sand with 220 to 320 until all build lines are removed
  3. Lightly coat with primer then sand with 320 to 600 until the primer is removed and all surface imperfections have been filled.
  4. Apply 2 – 3 coats of primer on the part and wet sand with 600 in between coats to create a uniform surface

Note: Painting does at a thickness of up to .005” too the parts and design considerations should be made.


Class 5A - Painted

A paint job can consist of one color, multiple colors, or customer graphics created via airbrushing or venial graphics. The general adopted color matching systems for paints is Pantone Color Match or, in some cases PPG. For custom graphics customer can supply the RBG numbers that are used in graphics programs to produce the color. Texture can be added to this step.The procedure for paintings as follows:

  1. Part must be finished to primed level
  2. Custom Color Numbers must be provided to color match, if multicolor models are required jpeg’s depicting paint scheme must be provided.

Note: Painting does at a thickness of up to .005” too the parts and design considerations should be made.



High Resolution

Fine Detailed Viper HR parts do not receive Bead Blasting unless otherwise instructed by the customer. Parts are lightly wet sanded with 440 grit ,only in areas that can support contact. The finish level preserves the integrity of the features and model.


Presentation models can be created using a Variety of RP and RM methods. These models can be made to look like the end product. Additional is graphics are required the native graphic files is needed (Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, PDF)


WaterClear Models can be produced using the PC Like resins that are clear. These Models can be sanded down and sealed with clear coat to produce a transparent part.

Note: this process is very labor intensive and takes many hours of sanding to achieve a quality finish. For parts that do not need to be perfectly clear see quick clear process


QuickClear is an economical alternative to the WaterClear process. With the quick clear procedure all of the build lines are not completely removed. This will result in a part with increased transparency but will not produce a part that is optically clear.

Metal Plating

SLA parts can be Metal Plated using the following procedure:

  1. Remove supports and sand with 320 grit to remove exterior build lines clearpixelclearpixelclearpixelclearpixelclearpixelclearpixelclearpixel
  2. Paint with conductive paint and electroplate with copper coating
  3. Electroplate with selected Metal & Finish
Palting Options Include:
Stainless Steel, Tin, Zinc, Pewter, Copper, Additional there are Brushed, Matte, & Satin Finishes Available

Note: Metal Plating can add up to 50-100 microns of thickness to the part. The newly plated part will now have improved mechanical properties. The metal plating will provide a increased resistant to chemical, improved heat deflection, waterproof model, provided electrical conductivity, and improve the mechanical properties up to 3x the impact strength.


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