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Using Stereolithography.com

Stereolithography.com provides a set of online tools to instantly quote rapid prototyping models. If you need a quote for fast turn "strip and ship" parts or an quote for a show model with custom graphics Stereolithography.com has the tools to help you out.

To get a instant quote all you need is:

  1. A STL File exported from any CAD software (click here for exporting tips)
  2. Click on the "START A NEW QUOTE" button on the main page of your account
  3. To add files simply press the "BROWSE" button and select the file location
    tip: for faster upload ZIP your STL files together
  4. After the upload is complete adjust the quantity, select the material and finish to complete the quote.
  5. Click the "ORDER" Button or save your quote and return to it within 30 Days

* For additional information on anything related to rapid prototyping or Stereolithography.com you can search or comprehensive Knowledge Center at anytime or view any of the helpful links below.


Registration is fast, free and easy. You can sign up on the main page by using the "Register" button or "START A NEW QUOTE" link. We only require basic information be filled out to start using our free quoting service.

File Upload and Security

The concept of the Online Quoting and file handling is that no persons have to look at the files in order for the client to obtain pricing! There are literally thousands of quotes provided every year without any persons seeing the files other than the client. This is part of one of our protections of you data. This saves time and cuts the cost to run our business at the same time greatly increasing the security.

Order your Parts

Ordering parts with Stereolithography.copm is fast as easy. Once your quote has been completed you can click the "ORDER PARTS" button to continue. Now you can enter your payment and shipping information if it differs from your default settings. Next you verify your order and submit to Stereolithography.com via a secure 128-bit encrypted transfer.

A project manager will follow up with you shortly after to provide shipping information. Additionally if you would like to inquire about credit terms you can speak with your project manager or click here.

Retrieving Saved Quote

Quotes can be saved and remain valid for a period of 30 days. You should save a quote if you need to get approval or plan on ordering at a later date. All files associated with the quote will also be saved for 30 days but will be automatically removed after 90 days.

Submitting a Manual Quote

If your project is complex, uses multiple materials, or requires additional finishing such as paint or graphics a project manager can then view the quotation and the special request. To submit the Manual RFQ simply click the"REQUEST A MANUAL QUOTE" button on the bottom of the page. Your project manager has the ability to adjust pricing for the manual quote. They will work with to get you a price and lead time for you special request.

With in 4-8 hours you will receive this updated quote via e-mail. This quote will be saved under your user account where you can access it for up to 30 days and order parts.

Changing Account Information

You can update user account information at any time. Simply log into your account and click the "ACCOUNT INFO" button to access all your existing account information.

What to Expect from Stereolithography.com

Upon placing an order using the online ordering system you can expect three emails form Stereolithography.com.

First, you'll receive an e-mail confirming that your order has been placed and let you know that your project manager will follow up with you when he receives the order and gets it scheduled.

Second, your project manager will contact you confirming the delivery date and informing you that everything is good with the file and the part is in queue and ready to be grown.

Third, will be the tracking number of your project alerting you that it has been shipped.

Typical Lead Time

Leads times will vary greatly from job to job. However we strive to provide the fastest turn around times for our customers at no extra charges. Parts that are under 5" x 5" x 5" and less then quantity of 2 will typically ship within 24hrs of placement of the order. Larger parts or higher quantities typically take 4 days. Lead time very rarely go beyond 6-8 days.

Lead times for additional service such as urethane castings vary greatly but carry a 1 week minimum. If you have any additional request please contact your project manager and they will be happy to assist you or click here for our different delivery time options


Applying for Credit Terms

If your company would like to be considered for credit terms please click here to download the Credit Application . Please fill out the application to the best of your ability and submit it Via Fax to 1.860.760.6609. Approval typically takes from 24 to 48 hours.

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